STEIN is a quality inorganic soil hardening agent that is environmentally friendly. The formula was developed in 1975 by a Japanese company named Matsumura Synthetic Laboratory Co., Ltd. Now in its 40th year, STEIN continues to be utilized by a handful of public work projects such as roads and irrigation for more than 1,500 places. It was adopted not only in Japan but also in countries such as Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia and the United States.

Using STEIN is very simple. The process involves mixing on-site soil with an appropriate amount of water and STEIN agent. Through a chemical reaction known as Pozzolanic reaction and hydration, the soil hardens into a strong and solid mass. Known for its durability and reliability, projects treated by STEIN can definitely stand the test of time. With its low cost, simple construction and eco-friendly formula, STEIN is the way to go.

How It Works

Why Choose Stein?

Here are top 3 reasons why you should consider choosing STEIN

Easy and Quick

With Stein's fast acting mix, the road is serviceable for all road vehicles in just 24 hours upon completion of treatment.

Low Cost

The simple construction entails low cost. Its components are 95% Portland Cement and 5% Stein element.

Results & Reliability

For 40 years, STEIN was adopted for public work projects such as roads and irrigation for more than 1,500 places. The STEIN ingredient can stand the test of time with a highly reliable service life as that of a concrete.

Construction Technique of STEIN Road

The in-place soil investigative test






Examples of Construction

Some of the placesout of 1,500 constructions all over Japan and other countries such as Taiwan, East Timor, Indonesia, Philippines and more.



Many rural roads were constructed by STEIN in 1970s (Asahikawa, Hokkaido). It is also used in the character of channel.



The sludge-like riverbed was formed of soil hardening agent "STEIN" in 1980s. (Keelung River, Taiwan)



The joint research on anti-burst measures for agricultural pond with Japanese MAFF NIRE (National Institute for Rural Engineering) is under way.

Business Model

Company Profile

Company Name SPEC Company Limited
Office 4-5-5. Shimotakaido, Suginami-ku, Tokyo 〒168-0073 Japan
Contact Numbers Tel +81 3-63046130
Fax +81 3-63046132
Date Established October 2004
Capitalization 10,000,000 Yen
President Yuichi Kubo
Business Domain Manufacture and sale of soil hardening agent
Manufacture and sale of a prevention medicine of pollution processing.
Plan drafting of the recycling of the industorial/public waste.
Design and development of machinery related to the above.
Matsumura Synthetic Science Laboratory Co., Ltd. developed STEIN, the soil hardening agent.
October 2004
SPEC co., Ltd. (Biei-cho, Hokkaido) were established by a joint investment of Matsumura Synthetic Science Laboratory co., Ltd. and Kubo Metal Co., Ltd. (1946 Established, copper products sales / precision processed products manufacturing / natural environments measures). Takao Matsumura takes office as the president.
October 2005
Head office moved to Suginami Tokyo from Hokkaido Biei-cho
November 2005
Head office moved to Tokyo. Yuichi Kubo takes office as the president.
Collaborate the study on freeze soil measures affecting frost heaving harm with National University Corporation Kitami Institute of Technology (
October 2013
Opened an office in Hachioji, Tokyo.
Collaborate the development of the simple reinforcement measures method of construction of the reservoir for disaster with National Institute for Rural Engineering ( of National Agriculture and Food Resarch Organization. (
Soil hardening agent STEIN is authorized by the support technology and product of the Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center.
February 2020
Sales office moved to Suginami Tokyo from Hachioji.
Research & Development
  1. Research and development of the soil hardening agent.
    1. Collaborative investigation participation group:
      1. 1 Japanese national university
      2. 1 Japanese national research and development corporation
      3. 3 private enterprises
    2. A new technology study with Japanese administrative corporation
  2. Research and development of the industrial waste use.
    1. Technology research:1 Asahikawa-shi (Hokkaido) sewerage treatment group.
    2. Collaborative investigation with 3 private enterprises.
  3. Research and development of the heavy metal indissolubility appearance.
    1. Collaborative investigation with 3 private enterprises.
  4. Development of the exact transportation equipment use.
    1. Collaborative investigation with one private enterprise.
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